Bethpage Tee Time Phone Reservation System

tiger-woods-cellphoneWhen I first looked into playing Bethpage Black I found that there was a telephone tee time reservation system which was a shock to me . . . I had no idea. The secret here is to know and play with a New York state resident. New York state residents are able to book tee times 7 days in advance using the call in reservation system. Out of state visitors are able to book 2 days in advance. Unfortunately, getting a tee time within the 2 day window requires an extreme amount of luck and if you are playing as a foursome it becomes nearly impossible. The very best option is to find a New York state resident who can play with you.

NOTE: As I stated in my Bethpage Black profile, if you use your Great Aunt Hazel’s drivers license number to book the tee time, she better be there with you when it’s time to play. The New York state employees who operate Bethpage Black don’t tolerate shenanigans and will not allow you to play if you’re trying to pull a fast one.

Without further ado, here are the steps to reserving a tee time using the Bethpage Black phone reservation system:
Step 1: Get registered with the system – To do this you must fax OR mail a photo copy of your state driver’s license. In the blank part of the page you must write out, in CLEAR handwriting, all of the details on your drivers license in the event that the photo copy is not legible. The number to fax this is 516-753-0413 and the address is 99 Quaker Meetinghouse Road, Farmingdale, NY 11735. If faxing the registration you may dial 516-249-0701 and press zero to confirm that it went through and was received. YOU MUST ALLOW 72 HOURS FOR THE REGISTRATION PROCESS.

Step 2: Confirm your registration number – Each person will receive a 9 digit registration number. For New York State residents this is your 9 digit driver’s license number. For out of state visitors you will be assigned a 9 digit number. When you send in the copy of your drivers license you must also include contact information for their records, preferably an email address. Out of state visitors will be contacted with their 9 digit number to use in the system. If you are an out of state visitor and you have not heard back from Bethpage State Park after 72 hours of submitting your registration you may call 516-249-0701 to inquire about your registration status. After registering and being processed I strongly suggest calling the reservations phone number to make sure that your 9 digit number works and you are able to get into the system.

Step 3: Decide what day you want to play – Bethpage Black is closed at various times throughout the season so it is wise to make sure that the course will indeed be open for play on the day that you are planning to try to get a tee time. NOTE: The Black Course closes from around Thanksgiving until mid-April the following year.

Step 4: Smile and dial – New York state residents will want to call 7 days prior to the desired play day at 7:00PM Eastern Standard Time. For example, if you want to play on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday you will need to call in on the preceding Thursday, Friday or Saturday . . . 7:00PM SHARP. Out of state residents will want to call on Tuesday for a Thursday, Wednesday for a Friday, Thursday for a Saturday, etc. Be forewarned that there is a very high likelihood of hearing A LOT of busy signals and “all circuits are busy” messages before you finally get through. Keep plugging away at it and dialing as fast as you can.

NOTE: It is not necessary to wait for the automated operator to finish talking before pressing the buttons. Speed matters and you want to push the buttons to navigate your way through the system as quickly as possible. I strongly suggest doing a “dry run” several days in advance of when you will be booking to 1.)make sure that your 9 digit number is indeed in the system and 2.) so you can get familiar with the system.

Main Number: 516-249-0707

Once you are connected here is the sequence of numbers to quickly navigate the system:

Press 1 immediately – this gets you past the introductory message
Enter your personal 9 digit number followed by the # sign
Press 1 for being correct – this confirms you entered your 9 digits correctly
Press 1 to choose a course
Press 1 for Black
Press the number for the day you want to play – Sunday(1), Monday(2), Tuesday(3), Wednesday(4), Thursday(5), Friday(6), Saturday(7)
Enter the time you would like to play – 0800* is 8:00AM
Press the number of golfers – 1, 2, 3 or 4

If there are tee times available the automated phone operator will let you know and you can press 1 to confirm or 2 to cancel.

Once you have your tee time all you have to do is make sure your Great Aunt Hazel is available to play with you!
Please feel free to leave your comments below about using the Bethpage Black tee time reservation system.

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  • Status Seeker

    I called up and managed to get a tee time for 4 players at 2:03 next saturday. When I was asked to press 1 to confirm the reception was a bit spotty and I couldn’t quite hear what it was saying. I paused for a bit and then pressed 1. It then prompted me back to the beginning menu. How do I confirm my time went through as booked? Is there a way to call the system to modify or cancel (not that I want to cancel) to check the status of the tee time? Thanks!

    • golftripper

      The best advice we can offer is to call the main number and try to get a live person to confirm. Good luck!

  • NJ Resident

    Are you able to set up a log in with an out of state license?

  • Patty Z

    Is it possible to get an out-of-state group of 10 onto the Black Course? Group size is too small to take over entire course, too large to get that many tee times through the phone system…any advice

  • jay

    Are there NY residents who offer up getting tee times for there green fees being paid. I have 6 golfers wanting to play in about two weeks so would need two NY residents

    • James Murphy

      I’d do it for you, depending on the weekday/weekend. If I know in advance, I’d be more than happy to play a round, I have plenty of golfing NY resident friends. I realize this is a late reply, but 5 months ago the course was possibly closed…

      James (

      • David

        Hello James, i´m a professional golfer from Spain, i will be with my father in NY from 14 to 18 of May. We will love to play Bethpage Black. If you could help me to book a tee time or if you want to play with us we will love it!!

        • James Murphy

          Hey David, sure I could call in a tee time for the Black Sunday 5/15/16? My girlfriend and I want to get out there and play. What time of day do you usually like playing? You can email me jtmurphy3@gmail it’s easier for me, if you don’t mind. Might be a good idea to have a backup choice if the Black is booked though. Let me know. -James

  • Kevin Jennifer Wall

    I need to make a reservation for Sunday may 21,2017 and i live out of state but this doesn’t seem like there’s a good chance of getting in is there?

  • David D

    I’m looking for a NY resident that is planning to play Bethpage Black during May 2017 (any day) & I will pay your green fees for playing with you! I do have 2 other interested golfers if you will be playing as a single –

    • Joshua Smith

      I could probably help you out with this

      • David D

        Hi Joshua,
        Are you a NY resident? What do I need to do? If I can get a guarantee tee time and eliminate showing up at 6AM, it worth it for me to pay for your green fees!
        Talk soon –
        Dave D.

        • Joshua Smith

          I am indeed a NY resident registered with Bethpage. I play out there most weekends. we wont be able to tell what tee time i would have until one week prior. I can really only do weekend of the 13 and 14. I could likely round out the group with two other players as we have a usual group we play with. Let me know if that works and i will figure out a way to get you private contact info.

          • David D

            Thanks Joshua,
            I really appreciate your help getting an advanced tee time. That makes my arrangements/travelling much easier. The weekend of the 13th/14th is great as I would play any day or time with advanced notice. If you do not have a full foursome for that day, my golf partner would be a go as well if there is room.
            Please let me know once you have made the reservations & as mentioned; the round is on me.
            Thanks again & talk soon-
            Dave D.

          • Joshua Smith

            dave my email is below written long hand. Shoot me an email so we can set up via email.

            exlax2002 @ gmail . com

  • Marvin

    Looking for a willing NY resident to join 2 Australian golfers for a round at bethpage black on June 29 or 30. Not relying on booking 2 days in advance would help us out a lot!

  • Bob Tellone

    Question. When trying to get a tee time using the automated system and I choose 8am–what happens if that time is not available?

  • benoit legris

    Canadian here looking for a NY resident that is planning to play Bethpage Black during the week-end of June 10-11 2017 (any day) & we will pay your green fees for playing with you! I have 2 interested friends golfers if you will be playing as a single. If someone is interested please send an e-mail to! Cheers Ben

  • Pete Duncan

    I’m in NYC from Australia and I’m keen to play the black course anytime on the Tuesday 23rd. I’m playing by myself so keen to hook up with any group size. I’ve registered to book, but that’s it at this stage.. let me known.. Cheers pete

    • Bobby Bo

      I have an available spot for 12:06pm. I am a NY resident but have never played the Black course before. Would you cover my green fees?

      • Pete Duncan

        Is this where you reply? Cheers pete

        • Bobby Bo

          Check your Facebook page for my reply.

    • Bobby Bo

      I have a spot available at 12 on 5/23.

  • Bobby Bo

    I have a 12 pm spot available for 5/23.

  • Jeff Schley

    Need a big apple resident! ) Looking to play July 10, 11, or 12. I have me and my dad from Chicago coming out and can play any of those days. Shoot me an email at We can pay your green fee as that seems like the price of admission ). Thanks God bless, Jeff

    • Jeff Schley

      Bueller? Bueller? )))

  • Benn More

    I just read their website and it is 5 days out for non residents, not 2…

    • Benn More

      My wife and I are also looking to play Tues or Wed, July 18 or 19 if anyone might be available.

  • Logan Wells

    Lone out of state golfer looking for some NY residents to play with and to help get a tee time. I’m looking at playing on July 5th, any help would be appreciated.