Bandon Dunes Bird Logo

What’s the story with the Bandon Dunes bird logo?
The Bandon Dunes bird logo is a Tufted Puffin which is also sometimes known as a Crested Puffin. These medium sized (roughly 15″ tall) seabirds have been known to fly up to 40 mph and dive as deep as 80 feet underwater when searching for food. Each spring they hit the coast of Oregon and take up residence on the coastal cliffs and rocks to breed. Interestingly, while these birds are capable of flight, it does not come easy for them. They nest high above the ground which allows them plenty of drop time after takeoff in order to get airborne. Like Penguins, these seabirds mate for life and form large breeding colonies during mating season. In fact, some say that the Tufted Puffin is the northern hemisphere counterpart to the the southern hemisphere Penguins. If you’re lucky you may see some of these unique birds on your visit to Bandon Dunes.

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