Tim Irwin

What can I say about myself? I'm best friends with Tiger, for one. He's always calling me for a place to crash when he's in Columbus for the Presidents Cup or Memorial Tournament. I hold memberships at Sunningdale, Augusta National, NGLA, Crystal Downs, Cypress, Seminole and....I can't remember the other ones. No Big Deal. Oh and I also like to design courses under my pen name Alister MacKenzie.

In all seriousness I first stepped on a golf course when I was four or five. My maternal grandfather introduced my brother and me to the game at a Central Ohio Donald Ross design called Lancaster Country Club. I honed my game in the school years on another Donald Ross gem called Granville Golf Club. Rumor has it Fluff Cowan liked to play there every year before the Memorial but I never saw him.

I've lived and played golf in Colorado, North Carolina and Florida with many courses in between. After college is when I really developed an interest in course design and architecture (amateur-ily speaking). I didn't even know people took on the Quest to play America's and the World's 100 Greatest Courses until I came across GolfTripper's predecessor, The Itinerant Golfer. I had already played 10 courses on the America list, so began my quest. Only I'm pretty sure mine will take a lifetime rather than six or seven years!

I'm a member at Scioto, Jack's old stomping grounds and my Top 5 Courses currently (in no particular order) are:

Ocean Course
The Golf Club
Arcadia Bluffs
French Lick- Ross
Streamsong- Both

I also never learned how to count! My list of favorites changes every year as I plan trips around great courses nearby, and I keep a running list of courses I've played categorized by geography.

I work in the investment management business until I get called to the show and join the golf industry! I'm playing to an 8 handicap and I'm a self-proclaimed equipment junkie. I love new toys, especially golf clubs. I love meeting new people on the golf course and I'm always up to play with new friends.

The Masters: Golf, Money and Power in Augusta, Georgia

Written by Tim Irwin
In honor of the annual Kickoff to Golf Season that is the Masters, I wanted to review a book that goes much deeper than any others into the history of Augusta National Golf Club and the Augusta National Invitational Tournament. The book by Curt Sampson, who also wrote "Hogan", tells a slightly more serious tale of the club, the founders, chairmen, and the members - all of whom were under the leadership of co-founder and the first chairman Clifford Roberts. It's no secret that Augusta National is a tightly-run club More >

Sand and Golf: How Terrain Shapes The Game

Written by Tim Irwin
by George Waters with Foreword by Tom Doak I recently picked up this book which had been on my wish list since it first came out a couple months ago. I'll be forthright in saying that I was a big fan of the book pretty much before I opened it. It has a beautiful dust jacket featuring a rich photo of the Monterey Peninsula's Pacific Grove Municipal Golf Club which would have been the last course I expected to see on the cover. Ironically, I took the protective dust cover More >