A Unique Golf Artifact

Here is an interesting story from the Baltimore, Maryland area. Several years ago a real estate speculator purchased a house at auction with the intent of doing some renovation work and “flipping” it. While going through the basement of the house the man found a box that contained two sterling silver items. Immediately recognizing the value of the silver the real estate speculator took them to a local pawn shop where he sold them for their silver weight and walked away with a fistful of dollars.

Now if this had happened at just about any other pawn shop in America those sterling silver pieces would have been melted down and sold off purely for their silver value. In this case one of the pawn shop owners happened to be a golf nut and immediately recognized that the sterling silver items were golf trophies. One was engraved to B.S. Horne and was presented for winning the 1898 Western Pennsylvania Golf Association Amateur Open at Alleghany Country Club. The other piece was even more interesting. It was a jewelery box engraved to Bessie Anthony and presented to her by Robert Lincoln in 1902 for winning the Ladies Handicap at Chicago Golf Club. Not only was this jewelery box an early artifact from one of the oldest golf clubs in America, but the presenter is Robert Todd Lincoln, past president of Chicago Golf Club and the son of this country’s 16th President Abraham Lincoln. What a cool piece!!!

Both of these items were saved from melting all because the found their way into the hands of a golf fanatic!! I love it! By the way a little research revealed that Mr. Horne and Ms. Anthony were husband and wife. I thought this was a pretty cool story. Below are a couple of photos of the jewelery box.


  • Super cool!

  • Steve

    Nicely written! Gives us perspective on the folks that played this game and how their lives enriched the sport. Both men and women contributed to make this a special game.